Trophee staff often require a "transaction hash" from Etherscan or Polygonscan to troubleshoot support issues.

Transaction hashes are unique IDs recording each transaction on the blockchain, this includes NFT purchases, sales or even cancelling orders. All gas fees paid will generate a transaction hash. Let's learn how to find it!


How do I find my transaction hash on Etherscan?

First you'll need your wallet address. You can find this inside your crypto wallet, or underneath your account on Trophee when you clicked it.

Once you have your Trophee wallet address, go to and copy it into the search bar.

This will take you to the address dashboard page. You'll be able to see transaction hashes under the "Txn Hash" column on the bottom left side of the page.

Simply click into any transaction and copy the transaction hash to your clipboard. Please include transaction hashes in text (rather than in screenshots) when communicating with Trophee support

Thanks in advance!