We recently initiated a smart contract migration to Wyvern 2.3. You can read more about this upgrade in our blog and information about how to migrate your listings here.

Some key benefits of upgrading to Wyvern 2.3 include:

  • EIP-1271: Smart contract wallets can now sign orders and submit them to Trophee without paying gas. This also enables a host of new apps to work with Trophee, including Argent, Skyweaver’s Sequence wallet, and many others.

  • EIP-712: this provides signatures with strongly typed data, making it easier for users to understand what they are signing.

  • Bulk cancellations: enables bulk cancellation of item listings with a single, low-cost transaction. Previously, each item listing required a separate cancellation and gas fee. This feature is coming soon.

As a result of these changes, transaction signature requests will now look different, too. 

With Wyvern 2.3 and its added functionality, signature requests from our new smart contract will appear differently with much more information. The request will be from Wyvern Exchange Contract - this is the current expected behavior, and it is safe to sign (images below).

For comparison, on Wyvern 2.2, the signature request is much shorter (image below).

Troubleshooting Signature Requests

If you don't see the Sign button at first, don't be alarmed. In most cases, you will just need to scroll down in the wallet extension window until it appears.

If you are unsure of a signature request, please contact us at team@mangatoken.org , or head to our Discord