In this article, we will guide you on how to apply as mangaka in Trophee.

How Trophee handles submissions:

When submitting your work to for review, please provide the following:

1.)  PSD with text as a separate layer 


1.) PSD without text and
2.) Image with text 

What happens here is that our team will process your manga by first coding the position of your text in a separate file, then put up the pages without text and using the browser's capability to overlay the text on the pages so that the community can contribute to its' translation. 

Other information we need from you:

1) biography, profile picture (optional) and any social media links of author
2) biography, profile picture (optional) and any social media links of artist (if artist is a different person)

We'd like to publish it under our mangaka profile listing page so as to help user ascertain that we are working with the original author/ artist. 

State of things of the manga income stream:

1) At the moment we do not yet have a payout module for views so there is no payout model for free manga yet.
2) We can work with you on "pay to unlock chapters" if you wish to charge users via Manga Token for reading chapters
3) Tipping is also available, payout is in Manga Token
4) we can work with you to distribute collectibles as NFTs, ie. digital posters, desktop/mobile wallpapers. There's several ideas for this:

  a) Run an event, distribute NFT for free and earn from the peer-to-peer transactions later. We charge buyers 5-10% on top of the selling price whenever the NFTs are traded. Example of events: first 100 to tip, first 100 to unlock chapters, quiz about the manga/ chapter, etc..

  b) Directly create some NFTs to sell on our platform. However without a strong following this will not work..