This guide explains the things you'll need in place to open your account and start reading on Trophee Manga Reader.


1) Any of the following:

  • An active e-mail
  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account


2) Trophee Manga Reader Account

Let's connect your e-mail to Trophee Manga Reader, edit your profile (preferences), and begin interacting in the space. 

When you arrive to Trophee Manga Reader, head over to "My Profile" section. You will then be prompted to Sign-Up. Make sure you have either an active e-mail, Google account, or Facebook account to for easier sign-up. 


If you are to use an e-mail, you will be asked to enter your preferred password along with the e-mail you provided. However, if you are to link your Google or Facebook Account, password isn't necessary. 


Once signed-up, you'll be able to enjoy unique features inside Trophee Manga Reader!