Since it's launch last April 27, 2022 the Trophee Manga Reader has been the talk of the town! Here's how the main page looks like:

After logging in using your Email or Facebook account, here's what you can see at the Homepage

As you can see, the number of coins that you have are displayed at the top left corner of the page. Coins are mainly used in unlocking subsequent chapters of the Manga that you are reading. And the other use is to give a tip to the Mangaka of the Manga that you are reading. 

To tip a Mangaka, you will need to go to the Manga that you want and click "Tip"

You will then have the options to give a "Tip" to your favorite Mangaka!

All Manga of Trophee are exclusive and originally came from Japan and from certified Mangakas there! the Manga reader of Champions!