"Manga" refers to all forms of cartooning, comics, and animation in Japanese. In contrast to the use of "anime" in and outside Japan, "manga" has the stricter connotation of "Japanese comics" among English speakers. Comics created from animation cels are referred to as "ani-manga."

What is Trophee Manga Reader?

Trophee Manga Reader is an application that makes it easier to read your personal manga collection. Trophee Manga Reader is a web application that allows you to read manga online! 

You may select a number of manga stories by following them and just go to your library section for easier access. 

You can also read manga on Trophee on a single page or all pages, and instantly advance to the next or previous chapter.

In My Profile section, you'll see private information about your account including your preferred genres and purchase history.

Oh, and here's a glimpse on one of Trophee manga stories, Prince of Lan Ling. Happy reading!