As the main feature of the Trophee platform, the Manga NFT marketplace will be the center of all Manga NFT trades. And only authorised or approved mangaka will be allowed to create NFTs for the manga that they have originally produced. This is to protect the interest of buyers to ensure that only original works from the origin source are sold on the platform, hence establishing the value of the NFT 

Trophee collection manager allows creators (mangakas) to make NFTs without any upfront gas cost if the minting is to be made under the Binance Smart Chain. The gas costs will be shouldered by Trophee. Mangakas (creators) will pay nothing.

Listing of newly created NFTs will be free of charge (This only applies to ERC-1155 NFTs on Binance Smart Chain). 

Currently, minting an NFT under the Ethereum chain is not available at Trophee. NFTs on Trophee that are on the Ethereum chain were bridged by the owners. Thus, the subsequent buyers will have to pay the gas fees.