This article explains how to cancel or lower the price of listings for your items on sale. 

Canceling listings

To cancel a listing, look for the item for sale on the "On Sale" tab, click on Cancel listing button corresponding to the item you want to cancel listing.


A confirmation screen will appear asking you to confirm the cancellation. 

Please note, cancelling listings requires a gas fee to make the item unavailable to other users.



Approving a bid on an item with listings

⚠️ Please keep in mind that approving a bid automatically cancels the listing. Once a bid is approved, it will automatically be transferred to the bidder's wallet you have approved and the item will removed from the Auction.

Lowering the price of listings

You can lower the price of a fixed-price listing or the minimum offer for an item for auction by canceling first the listing and creating a new listing.


Please  note that cancelling listings and creating a new one both require gas fees for each transaction. Also keep in mind that gas fees are much higher if you are in the Ethereum Chain rather than in the Binance Smart Chain