We often hear that some users receive a lot of offers on their items, flooding their inboxes.

To ease the frustration, we made it easier for the owner to pick the best offer for his/her NFT. 


Set minimum offer per item

If you want to avoid receiving low offers on your items, you can set a minimum offer when listing your NFT for sale via Auction. Just select which NFT to sell, click "Sell" and set a minimum offer. The buyers will not be able to offer to below the set amount. 

You may also allow "reserve price". In this case, once the reserve price was hit, the item will be reserved to the bidder.

Lastly, you may set the auction to last from 7 days up to 365 days. It's all your call.

Managing offers 

You actually don't have to manage the offers at all (if you set a minimum offer when listing your NFT). If you did not allow a "reserve price", the highest price will be updated and posted every 10 seconds. 

In case you forgot to set the minimum amount, the default will be zero "0", and any offers above zero will be placed.

A handy tip: we suggest to always set minimum offer for your NFT to avoid receiving offers below your asking price.