So you've found an NFT and you're ready to make an offer? This guide shows you how to get started!

Making an NFT bid

Just go to the item page. If you are the first one to bid on an item, make sure you entered an amount equal or greater than the set minimum offer by the owner. However, if there is already a number of bids, make sure to enter an amount greater than the highest offer to ensure winning the bid.   

This is the same process whether you are in the BSC or ETH network.

Please make sure you have enough funds ($MANGA, BNB, and/or ETH) in your wallet when making a bid, or the transaction won't push through.





Please Note: Most of the items require $MANGA to be able to buy or bid for one, but some premium items are being auctioned using stable coins (e.g. USDT, USDC, DAI)